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About Us

Phil Jarog


As the owner and painter of Get Bit Custom Painted Baits, I'm committed to high quality and excellence.  Every painted bait is custom and individually painted, therefore unique.


I've been an avid fisherman my whole life, competitively as well as for fun and relaxation.  Like many of you I've spent a lot of money on "high quality" baits, only to have the paint or finish chip or find a successful color discontinued.  After making my own baits for a while, I began painting crank baits.  I'm proud to say that people I know have sold their high-priced baits and replaced them with mine, generally paying less for Get Bit Custom Painted Baits than the sale price for their used, high-priced baits. 


We’re pleased to offer high-end, custom-painted swimbaits for the discriminating angler.  Foils and paint patterns are limited only by your imagination! 


I continue researching equipment, baits, paints and clear coat, looking for the best results.  I never stop creating new color combinations and patterns, and enjoy working with customers to create their specific requests. I spend a lot of time researching and learning techniques, and networking internationally with other painters, suppliers, etc.


We offer a line of high quality blank baits for those of you who paint.  Check our blanks often, as we regularly add new baits.  I'm happy to answer questions or discuss techniques, equipment, etc.  Like most painters, I'm pretty guarded with my paint schedules but would recommend online searches and videos, and a great deal of trial and error.  I've sanded down and repainted many baits in pursuit of the right pattern!  As with most things in life, practice is the best way to improve your skills.


Please Contact Us if you have any questions.  Text message and email are the best ways to reach me, and if I miss your phone call be sure to leave a message and I'll call you asap.  Please be patient if it takes a day or so to reply as I also have a "day job".


Thank you for visiting our web site; we look forward to being of service!




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