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Shine Glide Swimbaits

by Savage Gear


We're proud to feature Savage Gear's Shine Glide Swimbaits for custom painting!

These are very high-quality swimbaits for the price, and great for entry-level as well as experienced

swimbait anglers.  Use them when fishing for a multitude of game fish, including large mouth bass and musky. 

This slow sinking, erratic swimming glide bait is especially effective in twitch & stop motion.


Simply Contact Us to purchase Savage Gear Swimbaits and order your custom paint job. 

See below for sizes and paint pricing.


Information & Pricing

Shine Glides are fantastic swimbaits that can be customized for you.  We offer countless options for your custom paint job, including not only patterns but foil as well.

Because of the many variables, please Contact Us to discuss your specific request, which will allow us to determine an exact price. 


Typically we charge $5/inch for custom painted swimbaits.  Foil is an additional $5 for baits up to 6" and $8 for larger baits.  Repairs are extra.  Remember, these are approximate prices; an exact price will require specifics from you.  Shipping and insurance will be added to your order.


Please email or text me for quickest response, with as much information and/or photos as possible. 

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