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Get Bit Baits Swimbaits


We also proudly feature our own Get Bit Baits Swimbaits for custom painting!

These affordable, high-quality swimbaits are nicely detailed.  This sinking bait darts side to side

on retrieve with loud rattles.  Order yours custom painted with or without foil. 

For those who paint, we also offer them on our Unpainted Baits page.


Simply Contact Us to purchase Get Bit Baits Swimbaits and order your custom paint job. 

See below for sizes and paint pricing.


             Pricing & Information


                                                     Custom      Custom Foiled

                                                       Paint           and Painted


             3-1/2"/1 oz Swimbait        $12.50             $15.00          


Shipping and insurance will be added to your order.  

Contact Us for further information and to place your custom order

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