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You may use this site for your personal, non-commercial use.  Portions of this site may be printed or downloaded, but not significant content for the purpose of republication, distribution or other commercial use.



When placing an order with Get Bit Custom Baits, a valid phone number and email address are required; they will be used to communicate with you about your order regarding status, paint or repair questions, shipment, etc.

Orders paid with Paypal will be shipped to the address in Paypal account.  Customer is responsible for ensuring appropriate address is in Paypal account record.

Prices and all payments made are in US dollars.



Please note sample paint jobs on our web site are done on new plastic baits.  The finished paint job on customer baits will depend on the condition of the baits, especially wooden baits which are natural, porous products.  Please contact us and send photos of used baits so we may provide realistic expectations for your paint request.  Photos are provided prior to billing and shipping to allow the opportunity for you to see the bait and ensure you’re satisfied.



Prices shown do not include shipping and/or insurance costs; please refer to shipping and/or insurance costs added to your order on our Order & Pricing page.

Sales tax of 6.25% is added to all orders shipping to Illinois.  Illinois residents have the option of arranging to pick up orders.

As appropriate, excise tax is required by law and included in the price of baits.


We normally deliver your items to the United States via US Postal Service.  Tracking information will be provided.



Products are to be used only in the manner for which they are intended.  Hooks are very sharp; exercise caution when using, handling, casting, etc. 

Do not allow children to play with the baits. 

Appropriate care and storage of the baits is necessary for safety reasons and to maintain the quality of the product.

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