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Please complete and submit information below for a custom paint quote.  If you have photos of your bait, repair and/or pattern request, please email them to me at  
If you're sending us baits, please follow these steps:

1.  Remove all hooks, and do NOT send them to us.  There will be a surcharge to remove hooks from your bait(s).

2.  Include a detailed note with your bait(s) describing the pattern, color, etc. you want.  Be sure your note also includes your

     name, return shipping address, PayPal information, and email address.  You may also send a copy of the form below.

3.  Carefully wrap and package your bait(s) for shipping and send to us at PO Box 560, Rochester IL 62563.  We strongly

     encourage insuring your shipment if valued over $50.  We are not responsible for baits lost or damaged in shipping. 

4.  We will be in touch as needed to further discuss your order, estimated wait time, etc.

Custom Paint Quote Request

Thank you very much!

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